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Louis Vuitton publishing new travel series

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Following the famous “City Guide” , Louis Vuitton in May published a new series of books: “Louis Vuitton Travels” . The travel series uses a new unique form of expression ranged between travel diaries and essays.

The series is divided into four: “Easter Island” by DANIEL ARSHAM; “London” by NATSKO SEKI; “Paris” by CHERI SAMBA; “New York” by JEAN-PHILIPPE DELHOMME.

Louis Vuitton “Travels” series is both informative and inspirational for readers with the most vivid travel experience. The book, renowned artist and illustrator of young and promising to us about every one of their tour through the city and the country, depicting every place all sorts of buildings and unique charm, local residents recorded in the past and present life. The past 20 years, Louis Vuitton launched “Carnets de Voyage” series by illustrator and watercolorist hand recorded a section of the city tour, and now the new “Travels” series to explore new fashion perspective and prosperity in remote wilderness between downtown for readers to show a completely different travel experience. This new approach by showing the artist’s perspective allows the reader to experience the unfamiliar cultures. Congolese artists Chéri Samba to show us his eyes Paris; American artist Daniel Arsham destined for the Easter Island; French artist Jean-Philippe Delhomme came to New York; while young Japanese illustrator Natsko Seki also portrayed her in the eyes of London. Each artist unfamiliar destination, full of joyful journey to explore the unknown experience of surprise or excitement. Every destination such as a blank paper in general inspire artists to write a thorough review under the wonderful, sometimes flat and Syria, sometimes affectionate, or that mocking, or vivid.

In addition to the draw for the Syrian foreign travel diary, this series also highlights the rich aesthetic vision of contemporary art. The book uses a variety of artistic expression: On the road, artists from different countries are free to choose a different form of expression through painting, drawing, collage, contemporary art, illustrations, cartoons or comics they are presented to the reader to the land. Among some of the journey from the original works, regardless of the image or implied allusions, were purchased Louis Vuitton, and simultaneously launched into a series of contemporary art, to represent the diversity of views to make it more fullness.
Each year this series will be the insertion of a new purpose of travel and books. Following the “Easter Island” , “London” , “New York” and “Paris” , will be launched: Cartoonists Jiro Taniguchi brush under the “Venice” and Italian comic author Lorenzo Mattotti eyes of the “Vietnam”. For each book, Louis Vuitton signature will launch a limited edition sold in stores in each designated.

In childhood, Daniel Arsham dreamed of building the city, fantastic buildings and futuristic landscape. The young American artist born in 1980, graduated from Cooper Union College in New York, art, architecture and engineering -based courses. By learning a variety of courses, Arsham gained new knowledge and insights. He uses a Mylar film and watercolors, focusing on the nuances of perspective and light mapping between technical illustration tools and urban planners are used to map out the dreamy watercolors. He gouache in dark tones, gray and black to draw the impression monolith full of melancholy ruins of the world or suffer disaster tornado hit the island scene. His paintings reminiscent of ancient and Renaissance sculpture and Piranesi vivid modernist roots. This was exactly what Arsham unique artistic language. With the shift realistic architectural forms from paper, he examined the surface of things, and gradually penetrate the surrounding structure, deconstruction and remodeling. He is the author of the white fiberglass sculptures make the walls become distorted and seem to continue to stretch and drape, melted, and then explode. In his watercolor works, Arsham keep trying all kinds of creative materials, its neat lines and meticulous paintings integration details of the deal. Arsham its profound artistic expression and soon attracted the interest of the institutions and the arts community, including the Miami Museum of Contemporary Art Director Bonnie Clearwater, when he Dior Hedi Slimane Dior creative director and choreographer Merce Cunningham, Merce had Arsham for the short program invited “eyeSpace” designed scenery, lighting and costumes. Arsham to create his Snarkitecture studio became a combination of art, architecture and design unique creative space. His work will combine several disciplines careful, difficult to define separately. He is like an architect turned archaeologist, will among all of these into the mysterious ruins and lost civilizations, and then projected into the future.

Natsko Seki’s dream has been flooded with all kinds of pictures: Paul Rand clear visual images, Saul Bass movie title, but more often is that the 1960s – 1970s, American and British graphic designer works. In 2001, when he was 24 years old Natsko left the country to Japan, go to London to study graphic design. At that time, she knew nothing about the profession can be described. She knows what shape and color, I learned the nuances of hand-drawn or computer drawn lines. Gradually, she realized, as opposed to graphic design, illustration and animation she prefers. She chose this as a future career goals. After graduation, Natsko as Newswires illustrator, her works vibrant, playful and imaginative, gradually attracted the attention of book publishers who, after which she was invited to cover the beginning of the creation of children’s books and illustrations, including Masahito Ohashi’s “Am I Big or Small?” (Fukuinkan Shoten Publishing, 2009 ), and Lucy Eyre’s “If Minds Had Toes” (Bloomsbury, 2008 year). In addition, she also engaged in a number of creative advertising projects, such as the London Transport posters advertising shows at all subway stations in the city, but, Natsko also hope to continue to work with publishers, creative illustrations. Natsko Seki illustrations similar to one kind of an oxymoron. She will hand-drawn illustrations and photography using the latest computer technology and tools to create images cleverly combined to make it work exudes a sweet nostalgic, a story meanders. She works in the integration of black and white in the sketch collage elements, and the use of rich colors make work festive atmosphere becomes more vivid. Photo for illustration are based on the creation of her daily life, and illustrations of the characters has her friends, husband, son, or a stranger on the street encounter. Natsko in the production of animation, using a technique called a stop-motion photography, this technique works to make her seem more poetic. Beginning work Natsko come from the Japanese customers, but her current focus began to shift to England, where she saw a trend illustrator development, and constantly open up his own horizons.

Painter, illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme pen as Ge wittily daily life and fashion show in paintings being. As authentic Parisian, he loves traveling around the world, presented in the form of paintings on the current nature of the world and the many cultures ridicule. Jean-Philippe Delhomme was born in 1959, from the Paris Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs after graduation became an illustrator advertising and media partners from the beginning of the Barney’s department store and later becoming “GQ” , “Vogue” , “AD” ,”Los Angeles Times “and “the New Yorker” , work to satisfy his personal opinion spread beyond the tiny world of art aspirations. He likes when copying images that brought fleeting picture move back and forth, appear, disappear and then re- expose in despair when the mood. He used a variety of techniques in the creation tactics, especially watercolor method, so that works colorful, vivid and cheerful. In addition to the sharp satirical humor and micro portray diverse individuals, but his work also depicts the minutiae of everyday life, urban fashion boundless dreams and worldly style glitz. Delhomme has published many illustrators of books, including “Art Contemporain” , “Le Drame de la Déco” (Editions Denoel Press ), “Design Addicts” (Thames and Hudson Press ), “The Cultivated Life” (Rizzoli Publishing ) and “The Unknown Hipster Diaries” (August Editions Press ). He often published some wonderful comments on his blog “The Unknown Hipster” , and exhibited his works in Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and New York and other places gallery. His picture can not be made in writing to do to make up the story.

Chéri Samba, real name Samba wa Mbimba Nzinga, born in 1956 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He was very young when he started painting with sticks in the sand to play after school, on the job was full of graffiti, and later the painting as a lifetime pursuit. He was quite adept control lines, by the friends of all ages, invited him to copy cartoons, designed for the local football team logo. For urgent longing for the future, he moved to Kinshasa in 1972, as the then assistant to street artists painting billboards for a living, these billboards drawing people from Apuza, Lomabaku and Mbuta Masunda studio taught Chéri how to draw letters and copy writing illustrator large format. In addition to wall posters, he also for his magazine “Bilenge Info” to draw cartoons, and eventually made ​​into a canvas painting. He used this new creative approach completed his first “speech-bubble” paintings. In 1975, he was finally in Kinshasa Avenue Kasa-Vubu set up his own studio. His works depicted through the nuances of the surrounding community, magazine editor invited him to draw a series of illustrations to show him in the eyes of Paris, including the interesting “ASSEDIC ANPE” . In addition to community comments, Chéri Samba will also be reflected in the works of some of the common problems among such disease, inequality, rights, corruption, jealousy, sex, and international affairs. In the beginning of his career, he has no place to display their paintings, they put their own works hanging on the studio walls, also was thus led to traffic jams on the streets of Kinshasa, paintings provoke a more implicit irony authorities the hostility. In the late 1980s, he began in the role in the paintings portray itself as a commentator. All along, Chéri Samba works of colorful, fresh, with strong contrast and sometimes decorated with sequins to reconcile some of the work sharp. He attractive form is intended to express the content into creations that works less obscure, more to cater for the public taste. These works are very popular locally, is still living and working in Kinshasa Chéri Samba has become a local representative figures. In addition to paintings to show his eyes with the city, Chéri Samba still loyal support curator André Magnin next regularly exhibited his work throughout the world. In 1989, he was still obscure to “popular art” at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Grande Halle de la Villette organized “Magicians of the Earth” exhibition attracted the attention of the European world.

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Apr 05 2014

2014 Spring & Summer Styles Louis Vuitton Outlet Online

March 14, 2014 to March 31, 2014 , Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs Spring Series held a grand exhibition in Shanghai Plaza , through the concept of ” floating ” , such as a sheet of transparent plexiglass which generally demonstrate a series Marc Jacob for Louis Vuitton is the author of the works of the last quarter .
“This series is dedicated to those women who inspired me , and everyone showgirl their hearts , both Ben Louis Vuitton outlet Spring Summer 2014 fashion show or a series of exhibitions put introverted , their image of the visual language to maintain their vigor and vitality. their style and talent, imagination and creativity, vision and speech, changed our vision when I looked to Paris, profound and so I was not choking the city , or those glittering decorations and practical accessories. this is not about thinking, but about feelings. momentary feelings perhaps more than any thing touched people’s hearts in the design of this series , the same , depends on intuition ready for me in terms of , pleasure derived from the appearance of things ; purely decorative to reveal the beauty, for the United States and the United States purely physical level contact faithful heart thinking activity.
Louis Vuitton 2014 spring and summer series of T stage , NN14 handbags ( meaning : New Noé 2014) with a different attitude on the classic bag models Noé a new interpretation . NN14 limited edition package, the package shall be the original version of “simple version ” smaller, more sense of flow lines , but the original barrel shape designed to place the champagne , let this section of the package can be easily identification . So , NN14 become Louis Vuitton 2014 spring and summer iconic package, with Marc Jacob ‘s muse in the new season of their advertising special edition sparkling.

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Apr 05 2014

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